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michael kors australia party with coss and

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John stamos legal representative has slammed claims the actor had a fling with a 17 year old girl who is accused of bribing him, branding the allegations untrue.

On monday it was claimed in michigan district court that stamos romanced coss when she was a high school student in 2004.

In the opening statement, defense attorney sarah henderson detailed how stamos met coss when she was on vacation in florida shortly after he had separated from his wife rebecca romijn.

Henderson stated that stamos and coss kissed and he allegedly offered to perform a sex act on the teenager, but she refused, reports the associated press.

Stamos declined to comment following the claims, but his attorney, william sobel, said in a statement outside court, allegations made today in the courtroom by the defendants attorneys during opening statements will not be proven because they are simply untrue.For both coss and sippola are calling for stamos lifestyle to be scrutinized in court because they believe it would influence his federal prosecutors insist sippola and coss do not possess photos of the star, and that his private life should not be discussed during the trial.

The case is due to resume in court on tuesday.

Federal prosecutors have filed a new criminal charge against two people accused of attempting to bribe actor john stamos with compromising photos snapped at a 2004 party.

The fbi arrested michigan residents scott sippola and allison coss on an extortion charge on december 2, 2009 after they allegedly threatened to release the snaps of the star http://www.teambs.com.au/ unless he handed over $680, 000.

According to an affidavit obtained by the smoking gun, the pictures in question cheap michael kors were taken in 2004, when stamos attended a florida party with coss and her pal.A spokesperson for the actor has insisted there is nothing embarrassing about the images.

John stamos is the latest celebrity to have been caught up in an extortion scandal over compromising photos snapped at a 2004 party.The fbi arrested two michigan residents on december 2 after they allegedly threatened to release the snaps of the star unless he handed over $680, 000.

The fbi arrested two michigan residents on december 2 after they allegedly threatened to release the snaps of the star unless he handed over $680, 000.

According to the document, the actor attended a florida michael kors australia party with coss and her pal when the snaps in question were taken.

He received an email in november from an unknown source threatening to(Stamos reputation by releasing the shots to the media, at which point the star lawyer contacted the fbi.

An agent posing as stamos representative arranged a money exchange with the anonymous emailer at the airport in princeton, michigan, where coss and sippola were arrested.

They were released on bond on december 3.

Stamos joins john travolta, cindy crawford and david letterman as the hollywood stars who have been targeted by alleged extortionists in the past year.

John stamos has laughed off a now infamous australian interview, admitting he was drunk for the entire chat.

The star hit the headlines in 2007 after he appeared on the with kerri anne talk show to promote but stunned viewers by wandering around the set and slurring his words.

A spokesperson claimed stamos was having difficulty adjusting to the time difference down under, but he insists his bizarre behavior was actually the result of sleeping pills and alcohol he downed before the show.

He tells the advocate, be honest:When i went on that morning show, i was Drunk.Yes, i was on sleeping pills and i was jet lagged, but i was also just plastered(Drunk).And i never said i wasn but that whole warner bros.Publicity machine got involved and said, say he was jet lagged.I said, tell the truth!I was [bleeping] drunk in australia.Big deal.

Stamos and gershon were singled out for particular criticism from the new york daily news, whose reviewer called them robotic the new york post elisabeth vincentelli added the pair look half paralyzed by stress.Stamos face is frozen in a strained mask gershon is at sea as the feisty rose alvarez.New york times reviewer ben brantley, meanwhile, predicted the show will turn audiences off, adding, may feel an empathetic urge to rush home and bury their heads in their pillows.Bye birdie is scheduled to run at the henry miller theatre through to january.

Star john stamos was caught up in a mid air altercation on monday, when a woman allegedly started threatening and striking the actor on a plane.The unnamed woman reportedly shook the actor awake during the flight from chicago to los angeles, and then sat in and refused to give up his first class seat when [ [read more]

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