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michael kors bags outlet by clicking

Instagram's michael kors australia new michael kors australia adverts look like photos taken

Instagram's director of businessoperations emily white told the wall street journal at the start of september the company waslooking at ways to make money but would need to find ways to integrate the ads without alienating or annoying its users.Judging by the firm's latest blog post, the ads look like instagram pictures posted by friends, but in the top right corner the time stamp is replaced by the word 'sponsored'.Video on instagram rivals vinefacebook took a swipe at rival twitter in june by launching video on instagram.Facebook bought instagram in 2012 and twitter owns the video sharing app vine.Video on instagram added a vine style video icon to the existing instagram app and users can record 15 second video clips and edit them together for longer videos.There are also 13 new filters to give the videos the same retro feel as instagram's pictures.Twitter's hugely popular vine app lets users record and share six second clips.Adverts can be hidden from a feed michael kors bags outlet by clicking the more button, which consists of three small circles.

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