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michael kors handbags australia outlet logo

Is my http://www.teambs.com.au/ chanel bag authentic

michael kors shop australia I received this bag from someone clearing out her collection at home, and i am not sure if it is authentic, or a fake.The inner stamp is embossed, and reads"Chanel, paris".One side of the inner pull zipper has the logo, and the other says"Chanel".Across from the inner zippered compartment are two pockets, and the lining seems to be either suede or a different type of leather.I believe the bag is lambskin, and it is well stitched.The stamp inside matches the silver hardware, and there is an obvious spot inside where the hologram sticker would have been, but i am just not sure!Stricktlydating sayseven without knowing the style or seeing a picture it sounds like your handbag is a fake chanel.It most likely should have a quality silk lining with chanel and the chanel michael kors handbags australia outlet logo embossed into the fabric many of the fakes have a plain thick suede fabric on the inner lining instead.Also you've said that there is an 'obvious spot inside where the hologram sticker would have been' michael kors handbag outlet australia it should not have any 'spot' like this inside.An authentic chanel bag has a hologram on a keycard which comes with the bag and the unique number on the keycard matches with the number inside the bag no 'sticker' should be inside the bag.

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